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About 8% of pregnancies in the United States are considered high-risk. With expert care and diligent monitoring, a high-risk pregnancy can be effectively managed today by the experienced physicians at OBGYN Westside, PLLC, resulting in a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Located on the Upper West Side of New York City, the board-certified team provides exceptional care to women who have health conditions or risk factors that could cause pregnancy complications. Call the office or schedule online to experience the best in high-risk pregnancy care.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

When is a pregnancy considered “high-risk”?

Most pregnancies that are considered to be high-risk today are due to maternal age. Women older than 35 or younger than 17 have an increased risk of pregnancy complications. You may also have other factors that may deem you high-risk, including:

  • Maternal obesity
  • Twins 
  • A history of pregnancy or delivery complications
  • A history of miscarriages
  • Maternal health problems such as hypertension, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, or diabetes
  • Previous cesarean section 
  • Lifestyle choices, such as smoking or drug use

While most high-risk pregnancies result in healthy families, close monitoring can prevent complications.

What special care do I need during a high-risk pregnancy?

At OBGYN Westside, the doctors customize your prenatal care according to your health and the health of your baby. If you’re at a high risk of complications, you may benefit from additional genetic screening to identify your baby’s risk of developing genetic abnormalities. 

Women with high blood pressure, kidney disease, or diabetes may need extra medications and special visits throughout pregnancy.

How can I stay healthy and protect my baby if I am considered “high risk”?

Your best course of action is to attend all scheduled prenatal screening appointments and follow the doctors’ orders. The best thing you can do to enhance your pregnancy and increase your chances of a positive delivery experience is to adhere to the recommendations given by your obstetrician.

You may have more appointments than a woman with a routine pregnancy, but these extra visits help the doctors are to make complications are not developing. When caught early, complications have a better chance of being minimized and often resolved before they pose a serious risk to you or your baby’s health.

The holistic approach to medical care provided by Westside OBGYN includes treating not just your uterus but your whole body. The doctors provide guidance on maintaining an active lifestyle, based on your physical condition and medical history. If you need help quitting smoking, drinking, or a drug habit, the practitioners at OBGYN Westside, PLLC, are ready to help.

For excellent care from a skilled team of OB/GYNs with specialized training in maternal health, call OBGYN Westside, PLLC, or book an appointment online.