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Whether you’re thinking about getting pregnant or already trying, you should talk to the doctors at OBGYN Westside, PLLC, on the Upper West Side of New York City, about fertility counseling. The team’s holistic, patient-focused approach to care helps you improve your health and increase your chances of conception and achieving a healthy, safe pregnancy. Call OBGYN Westside or schedule an appointment online today.

Fertility Counseling Q & A

What is fertility counseling?

Fertility counseling and preconception counseling are services that help you optimize your health and increase your chances for a successful pregnancy. You can meet with your physician and discuss your health, lifestyle, and family planning for the next and future pregnancies.

It includes physical exams and testing to identify any potential barriers to your fertility, and treatments to address any issues. OBGYN Westside includes genetic testing as part of its fertility counseling services. 

What should I expect during fertility counseling?

During your fertility counseling session, your doctor will review your reproductive health history, including topics like:

  • Menstrual cycle
  • Contraceptive use
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Medications and other medical history
  • STDs
  • Vaginal infections
  • Lifestyle, home, and work environments

In addition to a thorough consultation, your doctor also provides a comprehensive physical exam, including a thyroid check and pelvic exam. They may order additional tests including a complete blood count, hepatitis tests, STD testing, and a Pap test. 

They also offer carrier genetic screening to see if you carry specific genes for inheritable disorders such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X syndrome, or sickle cell anemia. These tests identify your risk of passing a genetic disorder on to your child.

Based on the information gathered during your consultation and exam, your doctor may discuss lifestyle changes or medical treatments to optimize your health for pregnancy. For example, they may recommend that you adjust your diet, quit smoking, or reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption. 

What if I’m struggling to get pregnant?

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success, the team can provide additional fertility testing to identify the issue preventing pregnancy. The team at OBGYN Westside offers expert and compassionate care to address your fertility concerns. 

What are the benefits of fertility counseling?

Fertility counseling helps you optimize your health and identify any barriers to conception so you can get the treatment you need to successfully get pregnant. You develop a relationship with your doctors and work together toward achieving healthy pregnancies and deliveries. 

If you’re thinking about starting or adding to your family, call OBGYN Westside or schedule a consultation online today.