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Additional Testimonials


"OBGYN Westside is a great practice - I have been going to them for over 25 years. Dr. Chen is truly the most amazing doctor. She is always punctual, apologizes if she is even a couple of minutes late, does a thorough exam, has terrific bedside manners, and takes the time to answer all my questions. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, she took it upon herself to figure out alternative safe contraceptives for me. I am delighted to say that my daughter is now her patient as well."

-Poojitha R., September 2021


"All the doctors I’ve met at OB/GYN Westside are wonderful! They are pleasant, compassionate and very thorough. They discuss options with patients and explain medical issues in terms patients can easily understand. Your reply are wonderful. They are pleasant, compassionate and very thorough. They discuss options with patients and explain medical issues in terms patients can easily understand."

-Alessandra R., August 2021


"I love this office. Dr. Chen is so knowledge about perimenopause, answered all my questions and did a very thorough job of letting me know what to expect this coming year. I am very pleased with this office in general and would highly suggest it to anyone!"

-Lauren B., June 2021


"Dr. Kahan was very sweet and careful in her work. She's one of the best OBGYN doctors I've had so far."

-Victoria I., June 2021


"I would like to rate Dr. Kahan the highest rating. She is highly intelligent, caring and a great doctor. But I do not participate in any of those media sources."

-Alice G.


"I have been a patient of Dr. Morgan's for over 20 years. The staff is always friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Especially now, they all are taking the utmost precautions to ensure everyone's safety during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering surgical masks and roping off the seats to ensure there is social distancing in the waiting room. Dr. Morgan herself is always upbeat, welcoming, puts you at ease and is very open and honest about whatever situation you need to discuss. Her bedside manner makes the most uncomfortable of procedures a lot more bearable."

-Suzy M., March 2021


"Dr. Chen is so nice and friendly and professional all at once and I left feeling great after what could have been an uncomfortable procedure. But thanks to Dr. Chen it went very smoothly and painlessly."

-Sarah I., March 2021


"Dr. Kahan took time to answer my questions and was very kind and professional. The practice came highly recommended to me and I can see why!"

-Rebecca F., November 2021


"Dr. Kahan is very thorough with her exams and answers all questions and is very knowledgeable and very personable. She goes the extra mile to make sure everything is thoroughly examined and every question addressed so that she is confident to keep your health going in a positive direction and that you are comforted that all has been looked at and in a right place. Her manner is very calming and positive."



"Absolutely wonderful experience, it was efficient, very warm and professional staffs, and great healthcare. It was my first visit, and I will definitely carry on coming. I warmly recommend Dr Kahan. She is very kind, and attentive while providing care."

-Anna-Carole V.


"I usually have severe anxiety about the OBGYN. In fact, I ignored my symptoms for a year because I had such a negative experience in NYC before. But then I found OBGYN Westside! Dr. Kim made me feel so comfortable, and I am so grateful to have found her!
Dr. Kim answered all my questions (and I had a lot of questions), listened to my concerns, legitimatized my concerns, and addressed everything. She was thorough in my exam, and she taught me about things I can do at home for my health. She is not a doctor who leaves these conversations for the nurses (though the nurses there are awesome as well!), she makes sure you are cared for and have everything answered before you leave.
Thank you Dr. Kim for making me comfortable and safe during my exam! You're awesome and I won't be going anywhere else for my feminine health!"

- Georgeta S., October 2020


"Our doctors did such a great job in managing my super challenging labor and constantly reassured me that we were in good hands pre and post c-section surgery. The doctor of OBGYN Westside practice who delivered my beautiful daughter, the anesthesiologists, and all nurses have been so professional and really amazing. We were talked to every step of the way and explained things to us articulately. It'd feel good to be sent home knowing that we'd be in good condition after all these and we were well looked after."

- Jesse R.


"I also wanted to extend my gratitude to your office for the quality of general patient care. I've only been to two visits so far but it has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you"

- Larissa


"I have been coming to OBGYN Westside for over 10 years. I have never waited more than 25 min, Normally I would be called into the office after 5-10 of waiting. I have seen Dr Chen several times. She makes you feel comfortable as if you were in your own home. I recommend this practice to all my friends. Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to get an appointment but that only means that they are great doctors and in very high demand!!!!"

- Patient


"Just left from getting my annual checkup with Dr. Morgan. She came highly recommended from work colleagues. So glad I took their advice. She was fantastic! She maintains professionalism but is also very personable and disarming. In the exam room she is thorough, knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable in asking anything."

- Patient 


"This is an amazing OBGYN practice with amazing physicians. The practice has been under new administration since Sept 1, 2014 and has taken a 360 degree turnaround. The front desk is responsive; the medical assistants are well trained and the professionalism and morale is and morale is unrecognizable from the practice that existed in 2013."

- Patient


"A shout out to the best doctor!! Dr Michelle is very skillful and has great surgical skills. She stitched me up after giving birth so well that I didn’t feel any pain in the area afterwards!! Dr Santoyo you are awesome! Keep up your great work!"

-Emily L.


"Dr. Michelle Santoyo is an outstanding physician! I recommend her so highly I sent my mother to see her as well. Dr. Santoyo took care of me throughout my high-risk pregnancy. She is very warm, compassionate and caring doctor. Very knowledgeable and skillful. She was always open to questions and kept me well informed about how I’d be monitored during my pregnancy and delivery and what my options were. I always felt so reassured she was looking out for me and my son. She is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better."

-Laura K.


"By far the best Doctor I’ve ever been to. Extremely thorough, patient and approachable and not to mention caring! Love Dr. Santoyo!"

-Caitlin A.


"Dr. Santoyo goes above and beyond in every instance. From her punctual office scheduling to her amazing bed side manner - she surely surpasses any expectation I have ever had of an OBGYN. She was on call for my first born, was due to switch off call during my second labor and stayed on a few hours later to deliver my 2nd son, went out of her way to be there for me for my 3rd sons birth and made her schedule available to deliver my final 4th/5th twin boy/girl children. I am forever grateful for amazing birthing experiences with each of my children (3 natural deliveries and 1 c-section for twins) and enjoyed each visit with her in the office. Everything was explained to me during every step in each pregnancy and she was always prompt in returning any calls to answer questions in between visits. If I could give 10 stars I would!"

-Patrick R.

"Dr. Santoyo has been wonderful to me and my husband through a difficult time following pregnancy loss and a subsequent complicated pregnancy. Her clinical and surgical skills are unsurpassed, yet at the same time she has shown us such compassion, and really spent time with us during each appointment. We cannot thank her enough for the care she has shown us!"

-Kaitlin I.


"Dr. Santoyo is amazing! She made me feel so comfortable during the delivery of my baby. She always clearly, and carefully explained what she was doing so that I knew what was going on. She’s super professional and answered any questions I had."

-Joan L.


"Dr. Santoyo is an amazing, kind, warm and skillful doctor who made me feel comfortable and at ease through three pregnancies. I get extremely anxious before delivery and she put me at ease each time and even gave me her personal cell phone number in case I needed her, a gesture that touched my heart and has stayed with me. I was lucky enough to have her deliver my third baby and she was there for me every single step of the way, from contractions to being checked at the hospital to delivery, she did every single thing herself. She never left my side and delivered my baby so quickly and skillfully that my recovery was by far the quickest and easiest of three vaginal deliveries. Would recommend her to anyone, she is THE BEST!"

-Yasmin B.


"I wish I could give her more stars! I dont have the words to give over how much I love and appreciate Dr. Santoyo. She is an INCREDIBLE OBGYN. She delivered me when I had lost my baby at 39 weeks. She made the terrible experience, a little less terrible with her support and love. She made she we were informed every step of the way and kept us updated with any changes. With my next two pregnancies Dr. Santoyo went out of her way to give me reassurance, support and if I ever needed extra appointments she made sure to squeeze me in. She CARES and treats ALL of her patients with the respect and support they deserve during this journey. My husband and I appreciate her so much!"

- Kellie G.


"Dr. Santoyo is such amazing doctor! 5 stars just isn’t enough! She’s very attentive to my needs as a patient which can be very hard to find! Dr.Santoyo is very easy to speak to and she makes you feel comfortable which is super important. Highly recommended!"

-Christina M.


"Dr. Santoyo is THE most professional, detail-oriented, and personable physician you will ever encounter. She really listens to your concerns and works to treat the condition while respecting the patient’s opinion. Her medical knowledge is very extensive yet she is extremely humble and approachable for any questions or issues that you may have. Office hours are also very accommodating. In the past I would dread going to my Internist or OB/GYN to the point where I stopped going to either for a few years as each one I tried was worse than the last. Dr. Santoyo makes the whole experience a breeze! I strongly recommend choosing her as your Obstetrician or Gynecologist."

-Anisah B.


"Dr Santoyo is incredibly personable and professional. Takes the time to answer all questions and concerns. She delivered my fourth baby and it was a very positive experience. Highly recommended."

-Nicole L.


"Dr. Santoyo is a wonderful and compassionate physician. She is knowledgeable and skillful. I recommend her very highly!."

-Sarah S.


"Dr. Santoyo was the first obgyn I came into contact that demonstrated the kindness, professionalism and support prior to starting our family. She always took the time to listen to my concerns and provide me with in depth knowledge and clarity to enable me to make an informed decision. Dr. Santoyo performed both of my beautiful csections and I couldn't be more happier with my healing process. Her ability to make you feel at ease and truly feel comfortable is simply that she is trustworthy and attentive to her patients."

-Nicole F.


"Dr.Santoyo is an amazing doctor.I was lucky enough to have her deliver my daughter about 7 months ago. As a first time parent I was very nervous about what to expect during labor and delivery. Dr.Santoyo, very patiently, walked us through each step of the way. Her demeanor, always calm and encouraging, helped to calm me down and made me feel much more comfortable . My labor progressed pretty quickly and the hospital was taking quite a while to give me the epidural I had ordered. Dr. Santoyo, always on the patient’s side and seeing the pain I was in, fought to have it administered in a more timely fashion. During our regular appointments, she was always friendly and patient, answering every question we had and never making us feel rushed. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to have her as my doctor and, if distance wasn’t a factor, would have happily followed her to her new practice."

-Danielle V.


"I am truly grateful to have found Dr Michelle Santoyo. I came to Michelle Santoyo for my second pregnancy, and she was highly recommended by a great friend of mine. My firstborn experience with my first doctor was quite traumatizing for me. Thankfully for my friends I got to meet one of the most amazing doctors ever. I’ve had two pregnancies with her, both vaginal births and smooth labors. With my second pregnancy I had many issues & I was hospitalized six times for massive pain because of kidney stones caused by my pregnancy. I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable during my time of need with any other doctor. Dr. Santoyo was there for me every step of the way, I spoke to her daily and she fought for me at times when other doctors weren’t doing what they needed to do at my multiple stays at the hospital. I had a beautiful and easy experience during my child’s labor. She did the same with my third. She is beyond a good doctor; she is an amazing human being and I highly recommend her and I will follow her to any practice she ever goes to. She is truly an example of what a good doctor should be like."

-Falen H.


"Dr. Michelle Santoya is the best doctor I ever had trusworthy, prompt for your appointment time, carying, always smiling and very knowledgeable in her career, she delivered my 12 lbs baby with so much ease and the csection scar is almost invisible."

-Cristina B.


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