Additional Testimonials


"Our doctors did such a great job in managing my super challenging labor and constantly reassured me that we were in good hands pre and post c-section surgery. The doctor of OBGYN Westside practice who delivered my beautiful daughter, the anesthesiologists, and all nurses have been so professional and really amazing. We were talked to every step of the way and explained things to us articulately. It'd feel good to be sent home knowing that we'd be in good condition after all these and we were well looked after."

- Jesse Robbins


"While I loved the OB practice I went to, I decided after my child was two, it is time to see a gynecologist whose focus is just that. Well menopause had a unique set of symptoms for me and not the cookie cutter hot flashes. Well the third one was the charm and one I I tend to remain as a patient. I really felt "heard" when I went to Dr. Anna Barbieri. She switched my meds and explained why to my satisfaction. She didn't rush me nor was she condescending in her delivery. Believe she speaks to each patients needs and truly likes what she does. Dr Barbieri made me feel well again and I hope this review helps her to do the same for others."

- Lisa Robin


"I also wanted to extend my gratitude to your office for the quality of general patient care. I've only been to two visits so far but it has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you."

- Larissa


"I have been coming to OBGYN Westside for over 10 years. I have never waited more than 25 min, Normally I would be called into the office after 5-10 of waiting. I have seen Dr Chen several times. She makes you feel comfortable as if you were in your own home. I recommend this practice to all my friends. Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to get an appointment but that only means that they are great doctors and in very high demand!!!!"

- Patient


"Just left from getting my annual checkup with Dr. Morgan. She came highly recommended from work colleagues. So glad I took their advice. She was fantastic! She maintains professionalism but is also very personable and disarming. In the exam room she is thorough, knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable in asking anything."

- Patient


"This is an amazing OBGYN practice with amazing physicians. The practice has been under new administration since Sept 1, 2014 and has taken a 360 degree turnaround. The front desk is responsive; the medical assistants are well trained and the professionalism and morale is and morale is unrecognizable from the practice that existed in 2013."

- Patient


"This review is for Dr. Barbieri (although all the doctors are great!)-- she is an amazing doctor-- very supportive and kind."

- Patient

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