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We recognize that a person is not just one system or one condition. The philosophy of taking care of the person, not the problem, is evident in all of our care in both the obstetrics and gynecology realm. We strive to optimize or return our patients to a state of optimal health through a variety of approaches that address the physical and emotional components of a condition and its relationship to the whole individual. We have a unique ability to recognize both that our bodies can often heal naturally with minimal intervention, but also provide the rapid solution of surgery if and when needed.

Nutrition and lifestyle counseling, careful and evidence based use of supplements and botanical therapies, and hormonal treatments are often optimal ways of regaining full health, with medications and surgery reserved for when appropriate as well. This balanced approach enables us to better partner with our patients in their health journey. We also collaborate closely with practitioners in allied fields of psychology, nutrition, physical therapy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine to provide a truly integrated plan for our patients.   

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